Why Social Media Marketing is Essential for Title Insurance: Building Trust and Engagement

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With billions of users worldwide, social media has changed how we do business —- and taking advantage of it can lead to multi-faceted rewards. 

If you own a title company, then you understand the confusion many face when dealing with title insurance and the entire title process. With proper social media marketing, you can build trust and engagement around tough topics like these. 

How so? 

You will have a platform to introduce yourself, educate your audience, and gain trust as a leader in the title industry. In turn, this will help you to grow your brand, increase traffic to your website, and promote your services. 

This article explores why social media marketing is so essential for title insurance and the title industry. 

Brand Awareness and Recognition

Title companies do not provide a service that most people need every day. However, when they are buying or selling property, title work is a vital component of the transaction. This is when most will begin their quest to find a local title company to get them through it. 

Will it be you? 

Boosting your brand awareness is important. Although an individual may not need a title company right now, they are beginning to recognize you more and more as they scroll through social media and stumble upon your fun, engaging, and informative posts. Then, when the time arrives that they need a title company, you will be the one that stands out. 

Your followers may not know anything about you other than your social media posts, yet you have kept showing up and have provided meaningful content. This is how you build an invisible layer of trust.

Be sure to consistently use your name or logo throughout your posts and on your page so it is imprinted in the user’s mind.  

Engage With Your Followers

It is one thing to post incredible content, but it is quite another to post that content and engage with followers. Get the conversation going by asking open-ended questions, taking polls, or sparking a debate. And always respond to comments regularly, too. 

The more you engage, the more you make your title company look more human. You want them to feel like there is an actual person behind the brand engaging and providing thoughtful information. 

Be a Beacon of Knowledge

Because people rarely go through the title process, it can be a bit overwhelming and confusing when they do. They look for a trusted title company that will give them the answers they need to feel confident and successfully get through the closing. 

Many people search for these companies online, including through social media. 

Use your platform to be a beacon of knowledge. 

  • Provide information about what title insurance is and why it is so valuable. 
  • Educate your audience about the closing process and what to expect. 
  • Be available to answer questions.

Remind your followers that you are the title experts. And, when someone reaches out with a title question—  give them the appropriate response. 

The more you engage in this educational manner, the more you will increase your trust. It works even better if you have a load of information on your website so that you may drive your followers to it. 

Searches Beyond Your Website

Do your future customers know you exist? Your website may be fantastic and have SEO that ranks it high in the search results. In addition to traditional searches, many people look for local services today by searching through social media platforms. 

If you are solely focusing on your website, then you are missing out. 

Even if a user finds you online through a Google search, they are likely to check out your social media pages as part of their due diligence before reaching out. Are you personable? Do you have positive engagement with your audience? Are you even there at all? Do you stand out as a title company? 

Put effort into your social media pages and start reaping the rewards. 

JenesisDigital is a marketing agency focusing exclusively on helping title companies grow their closing volume – and retain their clients. Contact us today to discuss ways digital marketing can help to grow your title company in any economic climate.

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